To understand how insulation works it helps to understand heat flow, which involves three basic mechanisms — conduction, convection, and radiation.

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Spray Foam Insulation Alternative

Have you contacted a local spray foam insulation company and received a price quote on having an installation done at your home?  Did it turn out to be more expensive than you can afford?  Having a professional insulate ones home with spray foam is the route to go, for there are some safety measures that are just easier for a professional company to take care of.  If one is not the most handy homeowner, we suggest not buying a kit and doing it oneself.

We recent found this video of a guy who is installing his own alternative to the regular spray foam route that looks really good!  This might be an option for a homeowners to do him or her self.  Here is the video:

His website is here:, and Popular Mechanics has an article on him, which is where we originally found it.

Spray Foam in a Can for the Home

Looking for a good product to use at home to seal cracks and gaps?  There are lots of products on the market at home stores that will fill in cracks around windows, doors, or anywhere else either from indoors or outdoors.  Filling these cracks will go a long way in helping create a more energy efficient home, or most important – just making it warming in the winter time!Tiger Foam Can Spray Foam

We are not trying to promote any one product, and do not benefit by doing so.  With that said, we want to share some nice benefits from the brand Tiger Foam. They have several products, from more professional grade spray foam kits for applying to entire walls, but they also have spray foam in a can that has excellent sealing abilities as well as having a good R-valve compared to other similar products.

There are also no CFC’s, VOC’s, PENTA-BDE’s, or Formaldehyde in their products which is nice just from an environmental stand point too.  It is resistant to mold and insects, as well as it creates a moisture seal too.

Here is a link to their website:


Using Spray Foam Insulation for Interiors Walls

We have had a discussion on the differences in between open cell and closed cell spray foam here already. Keeping that, we stated that open cell foam insulation functions well for interior walls and raised floorings. There are three main benefits of mounting open cell foam in either of these two places: for a thermal barrier, an air barrier or a sound barrier.Spray Foam Insulation for Sound Proofing

Spray Foam Insulation Sound Barrier

Several property owners today are wanting a media room in the house to watch films. Generally, a high end sound system is utilized with these state of the art movie projectors. Numerous residents prefer to noise proof these rooms to contain the noise. One more instances could be those that intend to have a recording area, and exterior noises definitely requirement to be blocked out. Depending on the location of ones home, there may be a lot of sound outside the residence and one will intend to aid block. The high quality of ones windows will certainly help, yet spray foam will definitely help also as well.

Open cell spray foam will work for both domestic and business applications where one is aiming to create a sound barrier.

We do not intend to get too specific right here, yet it could seem like closed cell foam would function a lot better since it creates a much more solid surface area compared to open cell foam insulation. It all has to do with the nature of sound vibrations and the density pounds of the two types of foam. As a result of exactly how sound travels and open cell nature of the foam, it works much better than closed cell. It also produces a better sound barrier than fiberglass and cellulose insulation also.

With open cell foam insulation costing less to use also, is one more reason to select it over closed cell.

Thermal and Air Barrier of Open Cell Foam Insulation

Besides media rooms, numerous homeowners today are additionally looking to have a custom wine cellar in their homes. This is another sort of room that could gain from an open cell spray foam application. The thermal and air barrier characteristics of it work very well at maintaining the temperature level levels in a wine cellar where they need to be. Spray foam as a whole, will dramatically enhance the energy use of the whole residence, and aid decrease the job that a cooling and heating system needs to do.

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